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Check out the IKEA App, there are some nice features included. There are a number of brochures included in the App. When downloading the App you pick your Country so the brochure is specific to what is available in your local store. There are brochures within the app for different departments like Kitchens & Appliances, Wardrobes, Bestå, Bathrooms and even a brochure for Business. Each brochure is downloadable separately.

There is also a full catalogue: it is a page by page of the hardcopy but with the additional feature where you can share a page, add to favourites or even share the entire catalogue. Additional content and video is available on some pages. This really brings the app to life.






So rather than just seeing the room setting is a still photo each item in the room can give a different perspective as the additional content can be a variety of photos from different angles and even close up pictures of individual items, whether fabrics, cushions or even furniture.

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IKEA launched a new range of bedroom sets recently and I was invited along to the launch along with members of the press.

The press event which I attended at IKEA was one of those surreal events.  The event was to launch the new bedroom room sets and was go-hosted by the Japanese IKEA designer, Michiko Nakata

Michiko is based in Sweden and is influenced by the openness and nature. Having been to Sweden back in the 80’s I could see exactly where she was coming from.  Having grown up in the large city of Tokyo and now living in Sweden, Michiko has married the Japanese and Swedish traditions into her designs. Simple shapes and forms with subtle colour and pattern.

IKEA were launching their new bedroom room sets. Following some consumer interaction and surveys/feedback they have updated the room settings from the standard layout of room sets across their new stores to one which suits consumers in the local region.  Room sets suit a range of homeowners whether singles, young couples, families or older couples. 

The sets also show how each person is an individual and rather than have all bedrooms looking symmetrical the way most bedrooms are, IKEA have some rooms with different types of lockers and bookshelves for each occupant.

So whether you have an alcove in the bedroom or a chimney breast or even a large bay window IKEA have thought of how you can make the most of the space you have in your home to have a comfortable bedroom no matter how you use the space. 



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What a hectic few weeks of summer I’ve had, here is the run down.  After the exams in July we (@ Eco Appz) released the app Eco-Bulbz on the Android Market, it was long awaited and Cathal at Apperrific did a great job.

This was followed by the launch evening or Big Bang event at Website Extraordinaire which I attended at the Athy Community Enterprise Centre.  It was a great night; this web design business which is owned by Beatrice Whelan was launched by Joan Mulvihill, CEO of the Irish Internet Association.  It was a while since I had made any clocks – but I had made one as a gift for Beatrice. I had a chance to catch up with old friends who attended on the evening.  For pictures follow this link.

The title of this one of a kind time piece is Extraordinary Time.


Following this I attended the KLCK Bloggers Network which is held on Mondays and I normally miss it due to being in College late on a Monday.  The presentation on the night was given by Tommy Collison of the Blog “Trust Tommy”. Though the topic was from the point of view of Youth Blogging, I enjoyed Tommy’s insights into blogging and how it is influencing his career choice, opened doors for him and has lead him to an Internship at the Sunday Business Post. He was working alongside some helpful Journalists, for more information see his blog post on the subject.  Tommy mentioned that the divide in news is being blurred and bloggers are now on a similar footing to journalists.

Tommy was right as the next day I attended a press event at IKEA, I was the only one who attended that was not working in mainstream journalism – but as a blogger.  Another post will follow on the day I spent at IKEA.

I’m looking forward to the next event hosted by KLCK, once I’m not in college on the evening.

Eco Appz was shortlisted for an award at the Irish Internet Association Dot ie Net Visionary Awards, the category is for Rookies and the competition is tough.  The Rookie category is being sponsored by Accreate and the Rookies are their guests on the night, I must say I’m really looking forward to it.  I haven’t been to an awards ceremony since the RECI Contractor of the Year back in March 2008, when we (Pedreschi Electrical & Alarms Ltd) took the prize for Contractor of the Year Dublin Region.

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I was at Musgrave’s in Ballymun of Friday, which is just down the road from where Ikea are going to be based.   The building which is still in the process of being built, is huge, and already has the familiar yellow and blue livery.

For anyone who has ever flicked through an Ikea book the opening of this store is really something to look forward to.  It can be seen from the M50, between the Ballymun and Finglas exits, to your left when on the southbound carriageway.

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