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This was the second year that the art exhibition entitled Art Attacks Balgaddy was held at Archbishop Ryan National School in Lucan Co. Dublin.

A great weekend was had by all, from the time that we hung our paintings and organised the craft stands on Thursday evening right through to Sunday afternoon when the buyers collected their purchases.

The staff and organisers are to be commended yet again on a wonderful event which was very well run.



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October 8th, 2008 | No Comments »
I will be exhibiting my new range of clocks, as well as some older pieces at the Kildare & Meath Women Creating Successful Businesses, Conference and Exhibition being held at the Marriott Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield, Co. Meath from 1pm - 6pm on Sunday 19th October. 
These clocks are hand made, working clocks mounted in deep based canvas.  No two are the same, the range are stylish and contemporary. 
I’ll post pics of same after the event in the Gallery page.
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The Peoples Art Exhibition normally held in St. Andrews Parish Centre in Lucan and which was planned for October 2008, will not be going ahead.

We are disappointed that this exhibition has been cancelled, it was a really great weekend.

We are now in a position that we have some works already in process and nowhere to exhibit…… so watch this space.

As soon as we have another venue organized we’ll make an announcement.

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